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Crossing the Kitzbüheler Alpen on tour skis

Crossing the Kitzbüheler Alpen on tour skis makes for a relatively easy multi-day tour, even when the weather conditions aren't so great and in the depths of winter you can enjoy getting out and about with our experienced Alpinists. The tour through the Kitzbüheler Alpen is around 120 kilometres in length. 5000 metres altitude of climbing and - thanks to cable car support - 10,000 metres altitude of descents await ski tourers. The six-day stages last four to six hours, leaving time to recover and for detours. The tour proceeds from Oberlandhütte in Aschau through the Windau, Kelchsau and Wildschönau, right into Alpbachtal and to Fügen in Zillertal. Return transport by bus and train is relatively straightforward.

Tour outline for crossing the Kitzbüheler Alpen on tour skis

Crossing the Kitzbüheler Alpen on tour skis- research by Günter, Luise & Roland AUFERBAUER in March 2010 Duration: Six days Ascents: around 4700m altitude in total Descents: around 10,200m altitude in total Maps:Brixental ski touring map, 1:35.000, available free in the local tourist information offices Austrian map (ÖK), 1:25:000, BMN sheets 120 Wörgl, 121 Neukirchen

Day One: Oberlandhütte (1014m) - day tour

Oberlandhütte (1014m) - Day tour Arrive from Kirchberg in Tirol train station, around 9 km, Taxi Aschacher, Tel. 05357/2711; price around 15 Euro Day ski tour: Oberer Grund – Spießnägel (1880m) – Unterer Grund Moving time: around 4 hours. Route length: around 17km. Ascent: 872m altitude; Oberlandhütte (1014m) – Oberer Grund – Hirzeggalm (1553m) – Jagdhütte (1600m) – Spießnägel (1880m). Descent: 872m altitude; Spießnägel – Hirzeggalm – Sonnwendalm (1307m) – Unterer Grund – Ebenau (1008m) – Oberlandhütte. Oberlandhütte (1014m) owned by the German Alpine Club - Oberland section, leaseholder: Uwe Springer Tel. 05357/8113; E-mail: – The lodge is managed by experts. Very much a nostalgic alpine lodge ambience. Alpine lodge brochure with five ski tour destinations.

Day Two: Oberlandhütte (1014m) – Brechhorn (2032m) – Steinberghaus (872m)

Ski tour route: Oberlandhütte – Brechhorn – Rettenbach Moving time: around six hours. Route length: around 17km to Rettenbach bridge. Ascent: around 1060m altitude (including opposing climb); Oberlandhütte – Ebenau (1008m) – Falkenstein trail – Durachalm (1410m) – Duracher Kogel (1773m) – Breitlabalm (1780m) – Brechhorn (2032m); cross on the summit. Descent: 1220m altitude; from Brechhorn around its north-west facing summit area to Brandeggalm (1700m). Please note! The 'key passage' which follows from Brandeggalm down toward the valley - just above the alpine lodge, and even better above the Zaunstempel, in a southerly direction. Cross the wide slope on the west side with a great deal of care and get to the little spruce tree. From here, head down to the big, spruce standing on its own. Below this head to the fence and through the adjoining row of bushes to the alpine road to Schönaualm. Schönaualm (1369m) – alpine road – bridge; around twenty metres altitude opposing climb; on the 'Schrandlweg' ski route to GH Schrandlhof (1080m). Before this, take the route to the left. Head across sloping meadows to Hinterhutz farmstead (980m) and to Rettenbach bridge (815m). Walk three hundred metres to Gasthaus Jagerhäusl. The landlord of Steinberghaus will collect you from here by car (2.4 km).

Day three: Steinberghaus (872m) – Lodron (1925m) – Fuchswirt in Kelchsau (835m)

Ski tour route: Jagerhäusl bridge – Lodron – Kelchsau/Hinterstein Moving time: around five hours. Route length: around eighteen kilometres to the Schwiebogen settlement (832m) in Hinterstein. Ascent: 1122 metres altitude; Jagerhäusl bridge (803m) – Blieningberg – Hochsparalm – Untere Scharlingtalalm (1070m) – chapel on the Scharlingtalalm (1220m) – Äußere Hartkaseralm (1381m) – Hartkaserjoch (1639m) – Hundskopf (1836m) – Lodron (1925m); cross on the summit. Please note! Particularly when visibility is poor take a detour around Steilmulden (since it is often soft underfoot). Descent: around 1106 metres altitude; Lodron (1925m) – Lodronalm (1700m) – Untere Lodronalm (1530m) – Demmelshütten 'Almkreuz'cross (1540m) – Urschla steading (1080m) – Schwiebogen settlement (832m) in Hinterstein; possibly to Steiner bridge (819m). Walk for around fifteen minutes and one kilometre downhill to the bus stop and along the road, slightly uphill, heading out of the valley to the Fuchswirt.

Day Four: Fuchswirt in Kelchsau (835m) – Feldalphorn (1923m) – Auffach (869m)

Ski tour route: Kehlbach bridge – Feldalphorn – Melkstatt Moving time: around six hours. Route length: around seventeen kilometres to Melkstatt. Ascent: 1090m altitude; Kehlbach bridge (833m) – Höhenbrandalm (1300m) – Haagalm (1320m) – mountain station for the Haagjoch lift (1613m). Alternative: ascent aid from Kelchsau using a chairlift and T-bar lifts. Please note! From the mountain station for the Haagjoch lift do not follow the forest ridge, since the terrain is impassable. Ascent continuation: down initially (or, direct, from Höhenbrandalm) to the lower edge of the south-east lying mountain woodland and to Trockenbachalm (1510m). First head downhill from here to the woodless ridge on the north-east side (1700m). Following this same ridge to Feldalphorn. Please note! Be careful on the ridgeback. Finally, walk across the stepped ridge back (be aware that there may be drifting!) to the summit cross on the Feldalphorn (1923m). Descent: 985m altitude; preceding from the north-west to the west.Feldalphorn (1923m) – Vordere Feldalm (1620m) – Obere Prädasten – Untere Prädasten (1106m) – Schwarzenau, Melkstatt (938m).Transfer to Auffach (869m) Hitch-hike or avail of the collection service or a taxi: from Melkstatt 2.5 km to the centre of town. Traditional Gasthof Weißbacher in Auffach/Wildschönau (869m), beneath the church. Weißbacher family; Tel. 05339/8934;E-mail: – Notes about the hotel: decent standard; family-run; welcoming, well-used tour base

Day Five: Auffach (869m) – Joelspitze (1964m) – Saupanzen (1957m) – Auffach (869m)

Moving time: around four hours. Distance (ascents and descents): around fourteen kilometres. Cable cars and pistes. Via the Schatzberg gondola (2 sections), Hahnkopfbahn and Gipfelbahn to the Gipfelbahn mountain station (around 1900m). Follow the Gernalm ski route to the wayside cross in Grasingjöchl (around 1790m); put your fleece on here. Ski tour route: Grasingjöchl – Saupanzen – Auffach Climb one: 63m altitude, wayside cross in Grasingjöchl (around 1790m) – Grasinghöhe (1853m).Descent one (with fleece): 57m altitude, Grasinghöhe (1853m) – Sternboden (1796m). Climb two: 168m altitude, Sternboden (1796m) – Joelspitze (1964m). Descent two (wear your fleece): 94m altitude; Joelspitze (1964m) – Übelalm signposts, saddle (around 1870m). Ascent three: 168m altitude, Übelalm signposts, saddle (around 1870m) – Saupanzen (1957m). Descent three: 1080m altitude, Saupanzen (1957m) – Übelalm signposts, saddle (around 1870 m) – Schneeberghütte on Übelalm (1640m) – Hintere Aschbachalm (1485m) – Vordere Aschbachalm (1400m) – Aschbachgraben (1250m) – Niederkaseralm (1155m) – 1010 point – Aschbachstraße – Haus am Wildbach/Aschbach bridge (880m); Auffach place name sign. Around a 10 minute walk and 700 metres into the town. Lunch stop in Gasthof Weißbacher, there is a great lunch menu available from 2.00 p.m. Take a rest or ski on the Schatzberg. Second overnight stay in the traditional Gasthof Weißbacher in Auffach/Wildschönau

Day six: Auffach (869 m) – Inneralpbach – Fügen in Zillertal

Moving time: around 4 hours 15 minutes Route length: maximum 22km (of which 21km are ski runs, at their best to the church in Hart). Section one: combined tour using Wildschönauer and Alpbachtaler cable cars Ascent: Schatzberg gondola (2 sections), Hahnkopfbahn and the Gipfelbahn to the Gipfelbahn mountain station (around 1900m). Descent: 900m altitude (around 10km); Gipfelbahn mountain station –Gernalm ski route – summit cross in Grasingjöchl (around 1790m) – Blaikenalm (1530m) – car park in Luegergraben (1080m) – slope – Inneralpbach, centre of the village (1000m); bus stop. Five minute walk and 300 metres to Pöglbahn valley station (1010m). Via the Pöglbahn/ gondola (two sections) and the Hornbahn to Wiedersberger Hornhütte (2025m), put on your fleece here and climb the 112m altitude to the summit cross. Please note – only the Kitzbüheler Alpen AllStarCard ski pass is valid in both ski areas! Section two: Wiedersberger Horn (2127m) – Großhartberg (879m) – Hart (666m) Route length: around 12km to the church in Hart.5. Descent: 1460m altitude at most to Hart. Otherwise, depending on the snow conditions, around 1100m altitude to the farmsteads on Großhartberg. Wiedersberger Horn (2127m) – southern flanks of the summit – Wiedersberger Hornhütte (2025m) – poles mark the route; alpine trail and slope with no trees to Hanslettalm (1615m) – woodland trail and pastureland slopes to Tuxer farmstead (1070m) on the Großhartberg. If there a sufficient amount of snow cover, descent across pasture slopes to the church in Hart. Hitch-hike or take a taxi (possibly take the bus from Oberhart) to Fügen (545 m), around eight kilometres.


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