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ALPENIGLU® village - Brixen im Thale

ALPENIGLU® village - Brixen im Thale. The first snow has fallen in the Kitzbühler Alpen – that's the time when attentions turn to igloos. Even if we - the ALPENIGLU ® team – like everyone else, still want a golden and sunny autumn, we look forward to the first snow and yearn for the cold season. Whether you arrive on skis or on foot, whether the weather is good or bad out there, in the ALPENIGLU® village in the Brixen im Thale ski area in SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser Brixental there is always something to look at and be amazed by. Heading past the giant ice noticeboards in the restaurant, visitors get to the ICE LAND exhibit and with their guide experience an impressive excursion into the glistening realm of ice and snow.

Gentry meeting at SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser - Brixental - the imperial family back at the winter palace

The ICE Land exhibit in the ALPENIGLU® village in Hochbrixen in the Brixen im Thale ski area is being transformed into a dreamy fairy-tale castle made out of snow and ice for the winter 2017/18 season. With the impressive Kitzbüheler Alpen in the backdrop, visitors are able to visit the fascinating ice residence from Christmas time; a unique way of bringing together the glistening realm of ice art with the legend of this Austrian imperial couple.
Covering a surface area of some 2500m² and with eighteen igloo buildings as high as a house, ALPENIGLU® village in SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser - Brixental provides plenty of space to impressively stage the various themed areas of a fairy-tale castle – from the stately entrance hall and the large dining hall to the cosy library, the romantic imperial bed-chamber of a graceful ice church, a wine cellar right the way through to a gaol - everything is made from ice.
Right at the start of the twenty-five minute guided tour, visitors will be mesmerised by the large reception hall -not only due to the over-sized ice bar, which serves cool drinks in iced glasses - but also by the other objects, such as the picture frames of the ancestral gallery, and the tables in the alcoves, which have been made completely from ice.

The adjoining dining hall is a very special highlight, which accommodates the ALPENIGLU® village restaurant - the giant octagonal ice table, which seats forty five guests, is the only one of its kind in Europe. A candelabra in the middle of the hall befits the social standing. In contrast, the three artistically carved candle light compartments provide a realm of privacy. In the library too the emphasis is upon presenting a true portrayal of reality. Elaborately created shelves and books are accurate in every detail and are evidence of the high level of professionalism exhibited by the numerous international ice artists, who have been dedicated to creating the ICE Land exhibition. Sissi and Franzl's dressing room can also be visited, as can their bed-chamber, where there is a giant four-poster bed right in the centre, providing an idea of the imperial splendour of the time. The adjoining throne room which is dominated by two impressive thrones, is another highlight of the guided tour. This room is – just like in the other famous castles – also serves as the church for the ALPENIGLU® village, and people can also get married here this season. The tour, which is carried out by guides dressed in 'imperial' costume. finishes in the wine cellar and the gaol of this glistening ice castle in the midst of SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser - Brixental.

Have we piqued your interest and would you now like to pay a visit to the ALPENIGLU® village in Hochbrixen in Brixen im Thale?

Get information from the team at ALPENIGLU® village, at the tourist information office in Brixen im Thale, or directly via the link below.


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