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Nature's Sites of Spiritual Energy

...around the Gaisberg and Gampenkogel mountains

We are living in a time of consumption, increasing knowledge and the need for prestige. Now that we are gradually saturated by these unilateral goals and obectives in life, these slowly lose their relevance. A conscious connection between the earth and the experience of human and cultural identity are beginning to be appear again in the foreground as life's alternatives.

Inevitably we ask ourselves: Where do we come from? What role do we have to play? Which direction in life should we take for the best outcome? While looking for these answers, we leave the hustle and bustle behind us, experiencing a calm and peaceful retreat.

Hiking on peaceful trails

Hiking along peaceful trails towards a quiet santuary is a deeply rooted pleasure in Tyrol. Wayside crosses, shrines, chapels and in particular, hundred-year old trails bear witness to this. These sanctuaries were not designed that the walkers arrive exhausted at their destination but that they find strength along the way and finally also at the end point. Those who walk with an open mind, discover the diversity of nature. Body and soul are astonished and therefore expand the consciousness. This experience sets the foundation of enabling the body to charge with positive energy.

Sites with lots of energy

There are some places which enchant us and one is encouraged to linger longer there. Your soul is enriched if you can find such a place which may have a sense of being sacred to you or to which you feel a special connection. It often happens along our hiking trails to these places of energy, that you may find such a place in which you feel a particular energetic power, one that is different to the energy experienced in your everyday life. It acts as a power network in which you feel safe and relaxed, as well as providing refreshment and liveliness.

Brixenbach's energy trail

Geomancer and geocultural advisor, Harald Kunstowny, moved in search of energy sites, unavoidably in the direction of Brixenbach, along the "Stations of the Cross" route as far as Talkaser-Niederalm, further on to the Kreuzjöchl Lake, the Wiegalm and eventually to the Harlassanger Chapel. Some parts of this trail have been travelled by pilgrims for hundreds of years now - especially on July 2nd, celebrating "The Visitation", for the annual pilgrimmage to the Harlassanger Chapel.

Harald Kunstowny paused at certain places along this path. He received special male energies at the waterfall at Brixenbach. On the trail between the waterfall and the Talkaser-Niederalm, there is an underground well which radiates feminine energies. A little further on, just before the "Einködlscharte", he discovered a group of old spruce trees which are situated on a very special site.

Between the Wiegalm and the first summit cross on the Gaisberg mountain, there is a rock boulder located on a plateau with very intense energy. He found the strongest site at the Harlassanger Chapel: " I assume that this place is a cosmic radiation point with very high female energy and was already a holy place of worship by the Celts. At that time, these places were denoted by stones, then later on in the times of Christianisation in the form of churches or chapels", said Kunstowny.

Brixenbach Waterfall

Brixenbach's Waterfall
Brixenbach's Waterfall

The waterfall is a sacred place rich in masculine information imparted by Mars energy. Around the waterfall there is very high energetic activity. The negative aspects of Mars energy, such as war, death and destruction are generally well known. Less well known are the positive aspects ie. courage, energy, decisiveness, resilience, determination, directness etc. The information of this place wants to impart the positive aspects to us. For the consumption of Yang energy* or in the event of a Yang energy disturbance, a visit to this sacred place is recommended. A strong healing energy can be expected from the strength of this information.

Sacred Trees

Sacred Trees
Sacred Trees

Within the area of places of energy, there are often specific trees which withhold a striking charisma. Such "guard" trees or trees possessing such spirtual powers, also have a strong force field and an amazing connection to highly developed and pure levels of consciousness, from which humans' spiritual development can develop, for example, through meditation in the presence of such a sacred tree.
Preferably, in front of the tree, pray silently requesting that the tree accepts you. Then approach the tree, embrace it, spiritually allowing yourself to grow roots from the soles of your feet, and feeling the flow of energy, in time with your heart beat, gradually making its way upwards.

Haarlassanger Bründl

Harlassanger Bründl
Harlassanger Bründl

Water is the beginning of all forms of life. Almost all myths of creation begin with the emergence of life and earth from the primeval waters. Water's ability to absorb information if of particular importance for all living organisms: in some instances water acts as an information broker in the organism itself while in others vital information on the exterior is incorporated in the metabolic process via water.

Harlassanger Chapel

Harlassanger Chapel
Harlassanger Chapel

Built in 1732, the Harlassanger Chapel is a shrine to Our Lady, meaning a place of worship of the highest level of respect. A strong female "dragon energy" combines here with cosmic rays.

Rock of Spiritual Energy on the Gaisberg Mountain

Rock of Spiritual Energy on the Gaisberg mountain
Rock of Spiritual Energy on the Gaisberg mountain

The Rock of Spiritual Energy - a boulder on the crest of the Gaisberg mountain, emits a very high quality energy. You should lie on your back across the rock or crouch down on the rock, curling up your body, while remaining on your feet.
Relax by deeply inhaling, then exhaling and humbly requesting that the energy of this rock, from the Hohe Tauern region, be allowed to flow through your body. After a period of meditation express your thanks to the rock.

Anne's Chapel at the Kreuzjöchl Lake

Anne's Chapel at the Kreuzjöchl Lake
Anne's Chapel at the Kreuzjöchl Lake

Both the Kreuzjöchl Lake and Anne's Chapel can be included as additional places of relaxation. This very natural and idyllically situated lake was actually constructed to provide snow-making facilities.
On the southern side of the lake, on a hill, Anne's Chapel is to be found. Once a year, on a Sunday close to St. Anne's Day, a Mass is celebrated here on the mountain.

Harald Kunstowny - Consultant for Geomancy and Qi Mag Feng Shui

Harald Kunstowny
Harald Kunstowny

For decades now, Harald Kunstowny has been occupied with the influences of positive energy on people and places, as well as the resulting role they play on the quality of life. We are all involved in an energetic network which spans the earth and the cosmos. We continuously communicate within this network through the exchange of energy. Depending on the radiance of each person, place or structure, energy and information is either attracted or repelled.

As an expert in geomancy, Feng Shui, geoculture and energy flow, Harald Kunstowny has designed habitats under the aspect of the holistic view of man, architecture and environment, incorporating old building knowledge and Eastern wisdom of well-being in the living and working areas of life. He neutralises negative influences, supports and revitalises positive energy-points in buildings in order to maintain the positive feedback from the environment, according to the law of resonance .


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