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Exercises to attune with the site

It is possible for everyone to feel the soul of a site. Many have the feeling but are unable to describe it. However, it is important to let yourself go and allow the site to work on you. Here is a small guide for you:

-> Firstly, direct your attention to your body, feel your complete presence and consciousness within.

-> Feel the ground under your feet and grow roots into the earth until you feel well grounded.

-> Inhale the power of the earth through your roots and soles of your feet, drawing it up through your whole body up to the crown of your head then exhaling and letting it flow down outside your body back to the earth. Repeat the process several times, creating a circular flow.

-> Then concentrate on the power of the sky. Allow sensors to grow from your head until you have achieved a good connection. Draw the power of the sky downwards, through your body letting it flow outwards and upwards from the soles of your feet, along the sides of your body. Inhale and exhale several times, once again to create a circular flow.

-> Now breath simultaneously, soaking up the power of the sky and the earth, letting it merge in the centre of your body so that an increasing sphere of energy is formed.

-> To connect with the site, allow these powers to flow from your body, in all directions, here, and ask its spirit and all beings for guidance and help. Then bring your awareness back into being.


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