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Cuisine and pleasure: hikes in Brixen im Thale

Hikes out in the fresh mountain air give you an appetite. The lodge landlords in Brixen im Thale look forward to welcoming you during your "refreshment stop". Tirol and Brixental cuisine in particular are well-known for their many tasty treats, whether that is Moosbeernockerl, Tirol Gröstl or Käsespätzle cheese dumplings, there is something to suit every hiker. The lodge landlords emphasise the use of regional, local produce when it comes to making culinary delights. Buttermilk produced right on the farm, cheese from the local dairy and meat products made with local beef, everything is freshly and carefully cooked and prepared just for you. The alpine lodge guide for the Kitzbüheler Alpen which includes all the culinary highlights in Brixen im Thale and the surrounding area is available in all the tourist information offices. Below is a useful link to the online lodge guide for you to browse.

Culinary hikes: a hiking guide accompanies you through the Kitzbüheler Alpen

Our experienced hiking guide shows you the loveliest routes to the best alpine inns in Brixen im Thale and the surrounding area. But that's not all - our hiking guide Regina whisks you off to discover a great 'natural morsel' and reveals all that is delicious in the mountains during your hike. Collect meadow herbs, or accompany Regina to a traditional alpine dairy where cheese, yoghurt and bread are still home-produced - you also get to help make these foods. Get information here about the hiking programme provided by the tourism association in Brixen im Thale. There is so much fun to be had while hiking - look forward to our local specialities.


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