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Brixner Gangl in Brixen im Thale

Austria's Hiking Seal of Approval
Austria's Hiking Seal of Approval

"Brixen im Thale's Balcony" - the Brixner Gangl, has passed all the criteria for qualification process and has been awarded the Austrian hiking seal of approval.

Brixner Gangl
Brixner Gangl

Enjoy the beautiful view of "Brixen's Balcony" in the Schneckgasse!

Leaving the village centre, you come to the so-called Schneckgasse by way of a short, up-hill trail. Passing very mature trees and meadows abundant with wild flowers, on this atmospheric stage of the trail, not only the beautiful village is in your line of view. The complete upper levels of the Brixen valley from Kircberg to the glacial terraces of Westendorf present themselves to you. Discover all there is to know about the country and its natives on information shields enroute - where better to form a first impression of your holiday destination than here, on "Brixen's Balcony"? Hazelnut, whitethorn and other shrubs provide for foliage-filled trails along the mountain-side stonewalls with flower-filled alpine meadows at eye-level. Downhill the trail is fringed by magnificent ash trees, some of which have been hollowed out due to decaying heartwood.

From the Lauterbach district, the trail leads towards the valley to the hamlet Feuring, which has maintained lots of its farming character. The shady side of the trail is bordered by extensive spruce and fir woods. Along the side of the trail, you can tread silently on soft cushions of moss, enjoying the herbal fragrances of woodland moss and fern. Before approaching the village once again alongside the Brixentaler Ache, you pass the "Werkstatt Natur" (natur's workshop). As part of the construction of the village's by-pass and its renovation, a part of the Au landscape was newly designed, conforming to nature. Alder and willow trees form a magnificent green overhead enclosure, allowing the sun to sparkle through. The swimming pool and lake are very enticing to bathers in the warmer months of the year.

Brixen's village center is characterized by its twin-tower church. It is regarded as the most beautiful sacred building of Tyrol. The relatively young impression the building gives is deceptive as the foundations of at least four previous churches lie under it. However the deepest ruins provide evidence of a (presumably Roman) secular building from late antiquity! These remarkable facts have revealed archaeological excavations in 1978. A short documentation can be found at the rear of the church.

Of all of the villages in the Brixen valley, Brixen offers by far the oldest documented reference in Indiculus Aronis from the year 788 (one of the oldest commodities directories of its kind world wide) - signed by Charlemagne. One would never suspect that in such a small village just a number of years after the invention of printing, that books from that era still exist and that they are in very good condition. The stately parish building together with the church and its forecourt present a characteristic ensemble. It is from this forecourt that the Antlassritt, a procession on horseback, begins.

Brixner Gangl

Brixner Gangl

Brixner Gangl

Beautiful round tour via the idyllic “Schneckgasse“ to the hamlet of Feuring, with its original rural character.


  • Duration2:30h

  • Distance7,0km

  • Elevation uphill260m260m

  • Highest889m

Here you find attractive packages for your hiking holiday in Brixen im Thale

4 days hiking experience Kitzbüheler Alps

4 days hiking experience Kitzbüheler Alps

from EUR 260,00

Hotel HubertusBrixen im Thale

4 days hiking experience Kitzbüheler Alps

  • 4 nights including generous breakfast buffet
  • 3 days mountain world experience - hiking pass
  • 1 panorama card (incl. hinking trails etc.)

4 nights per person

7 days hiking experience Kitzbüheler Alps

7 days hiking experience Kitzbüheler Alps

from EUR 440,00

Hotel HubertusBrixen im Thale

7 days hiking experience Kitzbüheler Alps

  • 7 nights including generous breakfast buffet
  • 6 day mountain world experience - hiking pass
  • 1 panorama card (incl. hinking trails etc.)

7 nights per person


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