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Brixenbach's "Spiritual Energy Sites" Hiking Routes

The complete hiking route around the "Spiritual Energy Sites" covers a distance of approximately 25 km, meaning a day's tour for an experienced, fit hiker! Therefore, we recommend that the tour be spread over 2 to 3 days or alternatively that the route be shortened by travelling to the deparature point in the Brixenbach valley with the Hiking Taxi. The complete route, from the deparature point, via the waterfall, the Talkaser-Niederalm, the Einködlscharte, the Harlassanger Chapel and then via the Wiegalm back to the Brixenbachalm, makes up a distance of about only 16 km, corresponding to actual walking time of approx. 5 1/2 hours.

Mountain lifts: To eliminate some of the distance, it is possible to take the cable car from Westendorf to the mountain-top station,Talkaser, and follow the route (see red-dotted route) to the next stage of entrance on the hiking route. From Kirchberg, it is possible to ascend with the Gaisberg Lift and then walk past the "Bärstättalm" over to the Harlassanger Chapel (a shorter ascent to the Bärstättalm).

1. The Waterfall Energy Site

Departing from the car park / hiking taxi drop-off point on foot, at approximately 1070 m above sea level, follow the forest road for approximately 1 km, initially along the Brixenbach's river bank on the right-hand side until you reach the first energy site (approx. 1,230 m above sea level). The route is well signposted and the waterfall can be seen from a distance. Leaving the waterfall and back-tracking about 300 m downhill, a signpost directs us uphill, to the left, in the direction of the Talkaser-Niederalm. After approx. 1.1 km and at an altitude of 1,400 m, we reach a spring source. The underground spring is protected by a mound of stones, which simultaneously increases its oscillation. Just after the spring, you pass through a narrow area which immediately opens up. Here in the meadow you can see cairns (stone mounds) which were apparently incoherently piled up. These cairns increase the information and impart cosmic energy.

2. Sacred Trees

Continue towards the Talkaser-Niederalm (1,462 m above sea level) and then further on in the direction of Einködlscharte between Fleiding and Gampenkogel. CAUTION: there are some very steep sections on the route to the "Scharte" (gap) - only recommended for good hikers. On the trail to the "Scharte" you walk through a mountain forest of ancient pines. These are ancient sacred trees, inviting you to a tree mediation.

3. Harlassanger Bründl

Continue further uphill. At an altitude of 1,700 m you reach the Einködlscharte and follow the trail westerly in the direction of the Kreuzjöchl Lake. On this track you pass a little drinking fountain. Taking a short rest here while enjoying the refreshing pure mountain water, concentrate your awareness on the power of the water.

4. The Rock of Spiritual Energy

The next destination is the Wiegalm (1,507 m) which invites you to little rest. Then follow a narrow footpath which leads directly behind the Wiegalm to the summit of the Gaisberg mountain. After approx. 400 m, this plateau at about 1,560m is the next destination. Slightly to the right of the trail there is a large boulder which was deposited during the ice-age by the glacial movements from the Hohe Tauern. From this point, which also offers magnificent panoramic views, ley-lines go to the surrounding mountains and shrines such as the Kitzbühel Horn, the Rettenstein and the Kalkstein.

The Rock of Spiritual Energy and Harlassanger Chapel

Continue on the path a little further uphill. At the next junction, go to the right which leads downhill to the Harlassanger Chapel. Slightly above the chapel is a rock of spiritual energy, from which the energy is channelled to the chapel. For Harald Kunstowny, this place is a point of cosmic radiation with very high female energy that has already been used as a sacred place of worship in the time of the Celts. Below the chapel is the Harlassangeralm. From there, the route leads you back, via the Wiegalm, to the Brixenbachalm (Hiking Taxi) and further on to Brixen.


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