Westendorf: “ Schmankerlweg“ („The Delicacies Trail“)


  • MediumLevel
  • access_time3:30 hDuration
  • arrow_right_alt15,8 kmDistance
  • terrain999 mHighest point
  • trending_up575 mUphill
  • trending_down575 mDownhill
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Tour information

As well as the many chapels and shrines on this walking tour, you will also find many beautiful farmhouses. Some of them sell their own self-produced products – simply knock and ask….that’s the custom here! We begin our walk at Westendorf’s dairy and get into the mood with a glass of milk or even a breakfast! We walk via the Sennereiweg and the Bahnhofstrasse to the area of Moosen. Turning to the left at Heisenhof, after a short walk of 500m we take a right at the junction onto a steep uphill climb. This path is lined with roadside crosses, representing the “Passion of Christ”. At the edge of the woods, we keep left, cross over a steep meadow until we arrive on Eggerbauer’s farm road. Following this asphalt road, we come to Eichtlhof where you can purchase milk products – curd, yoghurt, fruit flavoured whey and lots more. Shortly after this farm, we come to the Salvenbergerstrasse. Following this road for a short distance downhill, we branch off to the right at the first left bend. At the Rieserhof, the oldest heritage farm of the region, we follow a hiking path which leads us downhill to the area of Feichten. In this lovely, farming hamlet we can find the Marxerbauer (farmer) where you can buy eggs and fresh pasta products. Moving on in the direction of Au, we cross under the rail line, cross the main road (B170), and come to the water treatment plant. Quite a steep gravel path to our right, brings us to the schnaps distillery at Rainbichlhof, where different varieties of premium schnaps are sold. The woodland road behind the farm leads us to the hamlet Au. The Koglerhof, which specialises in keeping poultry, accommodates a great farmshop providing homemade bread, speck (smoked bacon), pasta, eggs, schnaps and lots more. Below the Koglerhof, is the cheese producing Thalerbauer (farmer). On the way to the Aunerhof, on our right-hand-side, we pass the home of our butcher specialist “Auni”, where both speck and cold sausage products are available. After a  short rest at the Aunerhof, we walk through the Auner woodlands, come to the Waldhofkapelle (chapel) and follow a small path to our right to the area of Holzham. At the Oberhauserbauer (the second house on our left after leaving the path) you can buy exceptionally good honey. We branch off to the right to the Neukumhof, cross over a large meadow and come to the Oberwindau road. At the Neuhäuslkapelle (chapel) we turn off to the right and come onto the walking route (1), which runs into the Wellbeing Trail a little further on. After the Wellbeing Trail “Wasserlabyrinth” (water maze) station, we cross the asphalt road and trek on to Zieplhof and Oberzieplhof. At Oberzieplhof you can purchase a very high quality fruit schnaps and learn lots of interesting facts about schnaps distillation in a guided tour. At Zieplhof we can enjoy both Tyrolean delicacies and the beautiful view of Westendorf. Via a woodland hiking trail, we arrive once again on the Wellbeing Trail and come into the Bichling area. At the Schermerhof we turn left onto a meadow path, and arrive within a few minutes in the centre of Westendorf. 

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Westendorf: “ Schmankerlweg“ („The Delicacies Trail“)


  • check medium difficulty / red mountain path
  • check
  • Asphalt, Schotter
  • leichte Wanderschuhe
  • mit dem Bus nach Westendorf - Haltestelle Sennerei

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