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KAT Walk Family stage 2: Mystery of an ancient story


  • MediumLevel
  • access_time6:00 hDuration
  • terrain1770 mHighest point
  • trending_up1000 mUphill

Tour information

Today you'll hike the Gaisberg, which is unique by nature: When the Alps were formed millions of years ago, the Gaisberg "tore" away from the rugged mountains of the Wilder Kaiser due to the so-called Alpine folding. As a result, the rock and flora here are very different from the mountains in the area. An exciting puzzle tour into the valley accompanies you on the descent. There is a lot to discover and marvel at – so let's go!

Stoabock route: for sporty families and children in good physical condition with endurance (can be partially shortened with the mountain railway as an option)

Oachkatzl route: minimal walking distance, maximum fun – with use of the mountain railway for leisurely hiking days

Stoabock route (with summit: 13.5 km  1,000 m uphill – 950 m downhill – 7 hours):
Today's tour starts from the village centre on Dorfstraße to Reitlwirt, which you can recognize by its pink outer walls. From here, a path leads to the train station on the right and underneath the tracks, from where you should follow the path called Brixenbach. Always keep an eye out for the yellow signs saying Brixenbachalm and Wiegalm, they will keep you on the right track!

Continue a little uphill until the road leads to the right over the Brixenbach stream. Watch out! Here it is important not to march over the bridge, but rather straight ahead to follow the yellow signs towards Kreuzweg, Brixenbachalm.
Soon you will find yourself on a "Kreuzweg" (Way of the Cross). In Tyrol the Christian faith is widespread and that is why such paths, telling a story of Jesus Christ with pictures, are very special for locals.
After hiking uphill for a while, your next point of orientation is the Brixenbachalm. By the time you get there, you've been on the road for over an hour! A few metres before the Alm, a trail branches off to the left in the direction of Wiegalm. The route continues steeply through the alpine pastures and then into a forest. You are now close to the Wiegalm, which you can reach via a forest path, and you have mastered another hour of hiking!

Immediately behind the Alm you will follow the path to the left in the direction of Gaisberg.
Here, you get to make a decision: Do you want to conquer a summit today?
YES, I would like to achieve the summit victory on the Gaisberg (45 mins from Wiegalm):
Great, you don't want to miss the highest point of the Gaisberg? Then hike uphill from Wiegalm through the alpine landscape. The path continues up the ridge of the mountain until you reach the top. In the uppermost area the changing rock is particularly evident. After the summit, caution is advised: the rain has partially washed away the path down here and the descent is a little steeper. As soon as the steep section is over, always follow the signs towards Bärstättalm. From there, continue towards the Gaisberglift.

NO thanks, we are not in the mood for a summit today:
No problem! In that case, you can walk straight ahead over Harlassanger Alm / Kobinger Hütte and Bärstättalm to get back to the main route. Always keep an eye out for the yellow signs saying Harlassanger, Kobinger Hütte and Bärstättalm. The path leads slightly up and down – soon Harlassangeralm and right next to it Kobinger Hütte can be spotted.
Then the trail leads slightly downhill on a wide path through the alpine pastures to Bärstättalm. From there, always follow the signs to the Gaisberglift and you will be back on the main route!
The path leads into a beautiful mixed forest and after a few curves you will pass avalanche barriers. Can you spot them? These are particularly important in winter because they prevent dangerous avalanches from breaking off the mountain.
You will soon have reached Gaisbergalm and the Gaisberg lift station right next to it. Are you ready for your exciting GOASberg mystery tour? (If you are no longer in the mood, you can also comfortably take the Gaisberg chairlift down to today's stage destination Kirchberg in Tirol.)
GOASberg mystery tour: Accompany mountain goat Bertl on eight exciting puzzle stations, discover a mountain lake, a giant swing and even a fun petting zoo! With so much entertainment, the descent to Kirchberg will go by in a flash! As a reward, you can collect the GOASberg diploma and a small souvenir present from the Kirchberg tourist information office.
As soon as you have arrived in the valley, follow the road towards the village centre until you reach the tourist information office. Well done – you are now true nature experts!
Oachkatzl route (4 km  430 m downhill  1.5 hours):
The squirrels are taking the train today (free of charge with the Kitzbüheler Alpen guest card) from the end of yesterday's stage Brixen im Thale to today's starting point in Kirchberg in Tirol.

From the train station you will walk through the village centre towards Aschau. After a good half an hour you will arrive at the valley station of the Gaisberglift chairlift, where you can pick up the booklet for the upcoming puzzle tour. If you fill it in during the hike you'll receive a little surprise.
The chairlift transports you to the lofty heights of the Gaisberg. Once at the top, you can start the GOASberg mystery tour straight away. After eight cool stations such as the giant swing, mountain lake and petting zoo, you and mountain goat Bertl will have learned a lot about this special place. In addition, you will be rewarded with the GOASberg diploma and a small souvenir gift, which you can pick up at the Kirchberg tourist information office.

Highlights along the way:
• Change in the landscape on Gaisberg
What can you discover?
Family fun on the GOASberg mystery tour
8 puzzle stations, mountain lake, giant swing and spectacular forest slides

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KAT Walk Family stage 2: Mystery of an ancient story


  • check medium difficulty / red mountain path
  • check
  • Asphalt road, forest roads, mountain paths (medium difficulty – marked in red)
  • Comfortable clothing, sturdy mountain boots and a lot of anticipation for exciting adventures! In addition: breathable outdoor clothing, sufficient food and drinks, first aid equipment, mobile phone with full battery & charger, hiking map & guide books, possibly GPS device or load the GPS data onto the mobile phone, sun protection (sunglasses, sunscreen & hat), rain cover, cash
  • Via road no. B170 to Brixen im Thale



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Closed todayKirchberg in Tirol


Open todayKirchberg in Tirol

Station Kirchberg

Station Kirchberg
Station Kirchberg
Closed todayKirchberg in Tirol



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