Bike Tour: Toif - Ölbankalm- Urschla


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  • HardLevel
  • access_time5:00 hDuration
  • arrow_right_alt39,9 kmDistance
  • terrain1494 mHighest point
  • trending_up1100 mUphill
  • trending_down1100 mDownhill
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Tour information

The starting point for this tour is the tourist office in Westendorf. We head towards the Windau valley and, passing the Waldhof Chapel to the right, descend to the Lendwirt. Continue in the direction of Hopfgarten, and directly to the left beside the Neuschmied sawmill, the path begins to climb up to the Glantersberg. Sometimes on the level, sometimes steeper, an asphalt path leads us uphill. We follow the road until a sign indicates the route to the Ölbankalm. On route 228 we soon have gravel under our wheels. Passing Alpine meadows and forests, we first pass the Vordere Ölbankalm. Here, however, we continue uphill for a short distance to the Hintere Ölbankalm. The trail then continues uphill before a sign indicates the descent.  At first, a poorer quality Alpine path leads us downhill. Later, however, the path improves and we finally have asphalt under our wheels again. Once in the valley, we cycle through  the small village of Kelchsau and reach Hopfgarten after a long slightly descending route.  We finally return to Westendorf through the Windautal valley.

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Bike Tour: Toif - Ölbankalm- Urschla


  • check difficult / black
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  • Asphalt, gravel
  • Mountain bike, electric mountain bike