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Our nature holds true treasures. We are surrounded by hidden diversity that we want to explore and discover anew. Only those who look closely will learn more!

This autumn, the Wanderlokal under the leadership of Peter Laiminger presents a special series of events in cooperation with the KochArt association under the sign of culinary diversity. Under the title "Culinary, Knowledge and Pleasure" you will be introduced to the world of wine. You will discover unknown treasures of the forest, travel through Tyrol's world of cheese and get to know local producers and restaurateurs. With the second edition of "Hidden Diversity", the organisers once again want to sharpen the senses, focus on enjoyment and create knowledge around the topic of culinary arts.



01.10.          Wine tasting Organic Natural Orange
                   with Josef Hintler-Wolf from the wine box
                   19:00, Franz wine bar, 20 €.

02.10.          Unknown treasures of the forest
                   Agricultural scientist Stefan Marxer on mushrooms, fungi & co.
                   13:00, Windautal, 20 €

07.10.          Journey through Tyrol's world of cheese 
                   with Harald Weidacher 19:00, Alpine dairy, 20 €

08.10.          Dinner - KochArt & Friends 
                   Focus on producers, focus on taste
                   Enjoyable evening at Gasthaus Steinberg 
                   18:00 h, 80 €

09.10.          Venison - interesting facts & processing
                   With master butcher Matthias Knauer and chef Peter Laiminger
                   14:00, Alpenrosensaal, 30 €

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 Interested apprentices from the gastronomy sector can participate in the WINE, WILD, CHEESE, MUSHROOMS events free of charge.

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