Theatre Evening in Kirchberg

Kirchberg in Tirol, Sportplatzweg 39

Rettenstein Theater



Event information

The "Rettensteintheater" Kirchberg starts on Wednesday, 19.7.2023 ( premiere ) at 20.00 with the play "Jubel,Trubel,Eitelkeit".


"Because he fleeced the daughter of a rich owner of a snack chain, hitmen are after the marriage swindler Moritz Engel. That's why he takes refuge in the Swan Lake beauty clinic to have himself made "unrecognisable". Anyone with money and a name stays at the magnificent clinic: An eccentric artist, an obese lottery millionairess and a man-hungry noblewoman. With their prestige, the unscrupulous plastic surgeon Roland Meister hopes to accelerate his career. But this plan threatens to backfire when he botches the hysterical artist's nose during an operation, causing him to literally go berserk. When the marriage swindler wraps the lottery millionaire around his finger, his former victim is suddenly admitted to the clinic and the surgeon tries to cover up his botch by all means, the beautiful appearance of the Swan Lake Clinic is thrown into doubt...

(Comedy by Winnie Abel, Plausus Verlag)

Advance ticket sales online:

 or directly at the Kirchberg travel agency (Helmut Promegger) and TVB Kirchberg

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