Nina Hartmann ' Housewife at last '

Kirchberg in Tirol, Sportplatzweg 39

Nina Hartmann



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Nina Hartmann Housewife at last

Friday, 20 September 2024

Start: 7:30 pm

Life as a self-employed, self-confident, emancipated, single, houseplant-raising wife, daughter, girlfriend, hop-on hop-off single, actress, author and cabaret artist - in short: for Nina Hartmann - is tough: You have to manage appointments, learn texts for castings, perform, stand in, deal with rejections, find new ways of doing things, write a script, produce it, update mum's mobile phone, decipher parcel delivery slips, comfort girlfriends, be a sex counsellor, date husbands and give funny interviews about whether women are funny at all.

And in all the doing, checking and doing, she also has to quickly write a press release for the next programme, which no one reads anyway. Nina Hartmann has had enough! She finally wants to be a housewife!

Experience the Tyrolean-born actress, author and cabaret artist Nina Hartmann in top form on Friday, 20 September 2024 in the arena365 Kirchberg in Tyrol and enjoy a humorous evening with a big wink.

Tickets available:

- Kirchberg travel agency

- Trafik Horngacher

- in all Raiffeisen banks

- Ö-Ticket

Admission: 30 minutes before start

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