27nd Int. KitzAlpBike Mountain Bike Marathon





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The Raiffeisen KitzAlpBike Mountainbike Marathon will be held for the 27th time from 28th of June to 01st of July 2023 and is therefore one of the first MTB marathons in Austria.

The KitzAlpBike is one of the toughest but also most beautiful marathons of the racing season. This is especially true for the ULTRA and the EXTREME track. Across the Kitzbühel Alps, the "Streif der Mountainbiker" combines respecting uphills to hot spots such as Choralpe and Hahnenkamm within 86 kilometres and 3600 metres of altitude. Hundreds of spectators are driving the participants forward with frenetic cheers - this is also unique!

From hard to soft - at three distances there is something for everyone!
In comparison to the EXTREME and MEDIUM PLUS distances will also have it in them. With fewer kilometres and altitude metres, the Fleckalmtrail is still waiting, where a lot of time can be lost but also won. Here it depends particularly on condition and a good driving technique. Power and stamina should not be missing on the short distances MEDIUM  - with only a small part of the trail over the flowing Wiegalmtrail, however, the technique is not the criterion for these two distances.

All information is available at www.kitzalpbike.at

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