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A certainty of a relaxing holiday

So you get to feel really great during your summer holiday too

We are back! After a few months of enforced break, it is now possible to enjoy a holiday in Brixental valley. Hotels, cable cars, pools, restaurants and leisure facilities have been open again since mid- /end May. Guests and hosts are treating one another with care and in a responsible manner - however with the typical Tirol hospitality that we are always known for.

It is possible to enjoy a holiday again! So you are able to feel safe and well, we would like to provide you with information below about a few matters that we have to pay heed to during these times. These are dos and don't s, and recommendations on how to interact in the right manner with one another. However, above all else we want to show you in a fair and transparent manner about how it is possible to enjoy a holiday with us at the moment.


Hotels and accommodation providers

After enduring a long period of hardship, our hosts can finally once again say "Welcome". Since the end of May 2020 many of our accommodation providers have re-opened and look forward to welcoming you. Thanks to speedy, restrictive and systematic measures, Austria has been the quickest to overcome the Corona crisis in all of Europe and has come out of it unscathed too. The Brixental valley region is completely Corona-free.

And so it stays that way too, in the coming weeks and months we have to accept a few further restrictions, yet upon closer look these are fewer than in many other countries. The fact that we, for the time being, will have to do without hand shakes and affectionate hugs by way of a welcome, is something that pains us a great deal here in Tirol. The fact that we need to keep a specific minimum distance is not quite so difficult in the mountains - we have more than enough free space. And the fact that here and there we will need to wear mouth and nose protection is part and parcel of proper etiquette. Yet with that, we feel safe and in good hands - and hopefully you do too.

We are making your stay even safer and this summer are even offering you a free re-booking guarantee for your entire holiday. So come what may, You are always on the safe side!

This is now part and parcel of "good manners" with our hosts:

Dos and don't s and recommendations for guests

  • Keep a distance of at least 1 metre from other people except people from the same household or fellow travellers staying in the same accommodation unit .

  • Wear mouth and nose protection at the entrance area and at Reception. Excluded from this are children up to and including the age of 6 or people who for health reasons cannot reasonably be expected to do so.

  • Reserve where possible in advance. Reduce congestion at Reception and in the restaurant.

  • Use contactless payment where possible. Card payment is the preferred method to pay your bill.

  • Heed instructions provided by staff.

  • Avoid shaking hands and hugging.

  • Wash hands several times a day using water and soap, for at least 30 seconds .

  • Avoid touching your face with unwashed hands.

  • Sneeze or cough into the crook of your arm or into a tissue.

  • Do not travel of you have any signs of illness. In the event of any signs during your stay contact your host.

By being careful you are protecting yourself and other guests, as well as your hosts!

Wellness, sauna and pools - Everything you need to feel great!

Basically the following applies: All offers can be made available. For you this means: Sauna, wellness treatments, relaxing moments in the whirlpool and in the hotel pool are totally feasible. In line with hygiene occasionally it may be that now and again you will have to wait for a while and will have to reserve your sauna time in advance. What in the first instance might sound a little bit more restrictive that would otherwise be the case, with hindsight will be completely relaxing and stress-free. Ultimately when it comes to enjoying wellness, there is plenty of space for you to feel great!

Up the mountain on the summer cable cars

Cable cars and adventure worlds

Our Brixental valley cable cars re-opened since the end of May 2020. This means you can once again access countless excursion destinations, with guaranteed panoramic views. The best thing about this: Our mountains provide plenty of scope and expanse that you almost don’t have to be careful about keeping your distance from other people.

Thanks to the huge array of offers in the mountains, families are in great hands too. The mountain adventure worlds help children forget about everything that has been going on, with puzzle hikes, on themed hiking trails and in our many mountain playgrounds - without any mouth and nose protectors and plenty of healthy air.

The fact that for the moment you get to be among yourselves in our state-of-the-art gondola lifts, and not need to travel with other guests, is also rather pleasant. Keeping your distance is twice as easy. Generally speaking though Austria once again has the luxury of being able to let people act with prudence and autonomy. Stringent prohibitions and coarse limitations have given way to expedient behavioural recommendations. This means it is not so difficult when attention needs to be paid to wearing mouth and nose protection, and disinfecting hands now and again.

Our recommendations for cable car use

Things to bear in mind on our cable cars.

  • checkAvoid creating groups.

  • checkIn public areas and during the journey where there are people who you do not know, wear mouth and nose protection

  • checkKeep sufficient distance between yourself and people you do not know (even while wearing mouth and nose protection)

  • checkDo not leave behind mouth and nose protection in gondola cabins

  • checkDispose of use tissues and mouth and nose protection

  • checkEnsure areas are ventilated during the journey

  • checkAlways pay heed to hygiene rules

  • checkUse any available dispensers with disinfectant agents

  • checkWhere possible use contactless payment

  • checkTake responsibility for yourself and your family

  • checkPay attention to notice boards and to instructions from staff

  • checkAt the onset of illness, stay at home

Cosiness in the restaurant

Enjoying delicious food

What would a holiday be without good food, or enjoying a leisurely evening with a glass of wine? Our restaurants and inns have been open again for you since the middle of May 2020. We think it's no bad thing that the tables are now a little bit further apart than they otherwise would be. Quite the contrary: We are very much enjoying this new-found freedom. And the fact that without having made a table reservation in advance, chances of getting a good seat, well that was often the case previously too.

The only thing that needs a little getting used to initially is nose and mouth protection, that needs to worn when going into premises. Once seated, this item can then be removed again. At the moment, a maximum of 4 adults and their under-age children are permitted per table. This limit is set to be relaxed by the middle of June 2020.

"You should go home when it is still at its nicest" - as designated in the current curfew times. Did you know that after 23:00 it is guaranteed to no longer be as nice? We do. In spite of that: An extension to the curfew to 01:00 will soon follow. So you see, there's nothing getting in the way of cosiness in Brixental valley. In terms of cuisine, we also need not put on a show. Our chefs have always known how to inspire!

By keeping to these rules, you are ensuring that the pleasure factor remains high

Pleasure & safety are not mutually exclusive!

  • Keep a distance of at least 1 metre from other people except people within your own group (max. 4 adults plus your under-age children, or people from the same household) .

  • Wear mouth and nose protection when you first enter the premises until you are gathered at the table. Excluded from this are children under and up to the age of 6 and people for whom this is not feasible due to health reasons.

  • Where possible reserve your table in advance.

  • Where possible use contactless payment. Card payment is the preferred option for paying your bill.

  • Pay attention to any instructions provided by staff .

  • Avoid shaking hands and hugging.

  • Wash hands several times a day using water and soap, for at least 30 seconds .

  • Avoid touching your face with unwashed hands .

  • Sneeze or cough into the crook of your arm or into a tissue.

  • At the onset of illness, stay at home.

Note: Even if mouth and nose protection no longer needs to be worn in our restaurants during your stay, our waiters and waitresses will continue to wear protective items. Please bear this in mind.

Leisure facilities in Brixen im Thale

Leisure facilities and pools

Brixental valley and its surrounding area have so much to offer... The picturesque mountains alone would be enough to enjoy a holiday down to the very last detail. And indeed, there is so much more: Museums, high ropes courses, mini golf courses, golf courses, tennis facilities, riding stables, amusement arcades, indoor pools, excursion destinations etc. - A holiday without day trips is not really a proper holiday.

And we are now able to offer precisely that. Our leisure facilities have been open again since mid/end May 2020. There are of course general provisions that apply here too: Maintain a distance of at least 1 metre, where possible make a reservation or by tickets online and use mouth and nose protection in enclosed rooms.

The good news for you: Due to operational requirements, many leisure facilities have to limit visitor numbers. You can enjoy and avail of certain attractions in a way that not many people have been able to before: With plenty of space and fewer visitors. Might this even be an advantage for you?

Keeping a distance in the best leisure facilities

As stringent as necessary, as loose as possible...

  • Keep a distance of at least 1 metre from other people except those from the same household. When practising sports maintain a distance of at least 2 metres .

  • Wearmouth and nose protection in enclosed rooms . Excluded from this are children up to and including the age of 6, and people for whom this is not feasible for health reasons.

  • Where possible make reservations in advance. Reduce congestion at entrances, exits and at the cash desk area.

  • Where possible use contactless payments. Card payment is preferred for paying bills.

  • Keep toinstructions given by staff.

  • Avoid shaking hands and hugging.

  • Wash hands several times a day with soap and water for at least 30 seconds .

  • Avoid touching your face with unwashed hands.

  • Sneeze or cough into the crook of your arm or into a tissue.

  • At the onset of illness, stay at home.

Shopping in Wörgl

Shopping, purchasing, window-shopping, strolling ...

Our boutiques, shops and shopping centres have all been open since mid / end May and offer a complete range. Whereas in other countries, mouth and nose protection is still compulsory, by mid-June 2020 this will cease to apply in Austria. We will then be able to shop again in inside areas without restriction.

But honestly: A little bit of window shopping is part and parcel of every holiday is it not? Even now, the shops are going all out and trying to get back as much lost business as possible. It may be the case that you might take a few bargains away with you. You just have to keep your eyes open.

We have an offer, even for those of you who don’t really like going "shopping". Just watch people shopping and treat yourself to a coffee in one of the many street restaurants or cafés - keeping the requisite distance of course, but enjoying the greatest possible freedom and maximum pleasure.
Through Brixental valley by train

Through Brixental valley using public transport

Admittedly: If you think back over the past few weeks and months, stepping on to public transport and exploring the area is not the first thing that comes to mind. But can we let you in on a secret?

Many people are thinking that same thing right now. So at the moment, buses and trains are really empty. Due to state-prescribed hygiene measures, being chauffeured through Brixental valley on public transport has never been as safe and relaxing as it is now. We also see this circumstance as being "freedom".

Connections to the nearby larger towns and also long-distance travel are just about ideal - even for additional excursions. The best thing about this: Within the Kitzbühel Alps you get to use the public transport services with your valid Guest Card completely free of charge. The Brixental valley Guest Card is also your bus & train ticket for the duration of your stay.

What should I be mindful of when using public transport?

The 10 commandments for using public transport

  • All public transport services are running. However, mouth and nose protection is compulsory - even at stops and train station areas. Excluded from this are children up to and including the age of 6.

  • Only use buses, trains, underground trains and trams when you are healthy.

  • Always maintain a distance of one metre from other passengers.

  • Only purchase tickets online or at ticket machines.

  • Before exiting, leave your seat as late as possible, to avoid congestion at the entrance area.

  • Do not leave any masks you have worn lying around, bring them with you and dispose of them appropriately.

  • Journey operators do not provide nose and mouth protection for travellers.

  • Cough and sneeze into the crook of your arm.

  • In trains, so not use the tables where possible.

  • In trains wash and disinfect your hands.

Market day in Westendorf_2015_Kitzbühel Alps - Brixental18

Markets & Festivals

Brixen, Kirchberg and Westendorf are awash with fantastic events in the summer as usual. Unfortunately until now many have had to be cancelled. But now things are on the up. And so we are delighted that in a short while we will be able to offer at the very least a few "cosy", "convivial" and "atmospheric" events again.

Weekly market days, traditional concerts on the square, little children's festivals and all sorts of other entertaining events are just part of what we offer - and even more so for your holiday. The fact that this year many big events have had to be cancelled is something that we are really very heart-breaking for us, just as much as it is for our many guests, who might have travelled even more just to experience them. But: We are sure that a little it more tranquillity might well be just as nice for a change.

Due to very good developments in Austria and Tirol, more and more events will now be able to be held again: From July up to 250 visitors, and from August up to a maximum of 1000 visitors. In spite of that: We stand by our duties and are taking things slowly. As to what you can expect here with us you can see on our website and direct on site in the region's tourist information offices.

On one's account

Safety & health come first!

As a tourist region we are aware that we have a great responsibility for our inhabitants and for our guests. Safety and health are paramount for us. The past few weeks and months have shown that these are our most precious assets. Speedy and strict interventions by our government has made it possible for Austria to come out of this crisis so quickly and so well, and in the interim it is one of the safest holiday destinations in all of Europe. In spite of this "opening" and an easing of measures, this will remain the case.

Our government is consciously taking the next steps to provide people with greater autonomy and to give them back their "freedom", so that we are able to enjoy life, free time and holidays again. This affects guests and locals in equal measure. Bans, limitations and guidelines will therefore be widely eased. If everyone looks out for one another and keeps to recommendations, we can look forward to enjoying a lovely holiday time and to welcoming you back to beautiful Brixental valley.

This is why Brixental valley is an ideal holiday destination for Summer 2020!

  • Expansiveness & Freedom: Our gentle, lush Alpine landscapes and grass mountains provide space for everyone - including at a distance!

  • Safety: There is almost no safer holiday destination than Austria. Above all else, Brixental valley is completely Corona-free!

  • Proximity: Right after the German-Austrian border, the Brixental valley is one of the first and most popular holiday regions. Getting to and from here is easy, fast and straightforward. Your search for narrow valley heads, steep mountain passes and twisty serpentine roads will be in vain here.

  • Regionality: ... Is very much emphasised here with us! This is something that is noticeable not just in the accommodation providers and restaurants. Brixental valley people emphasise regional produce and sustainability.

  • Simplicity: As an established holiday region, everything is already here that you need to enjoy a relaxing holiday. Our state-of-the-art cable cars in particular make your life easier. So you get to enjoy the mountains, freedom and panoramic views in an easy, convenient and safe manner!

  • Hospitality: Not to boast. Which we is why we have just one tip for you: Experience typical Brixental valley hospitality for yourself and get an insight into what it is like. We are convinced: You will feel 100% great!

The matter of nose and mouth protection

Even this is a bothersome annoyance for many people and not everyone is quite used to it: The requisite mouth and nose protection provides security for us all - for you as a guest, for our tourism sector staff, for our shop workers and our cable cars. For that reason we would ask you to comply with statutory provisions.

Wearing a mask is compulsory in the following instances (excludes children up to and including the age of six):

  • in Restaurants (from the entrance to the table and when moving through the premises) and at the reception area in hotels
  • on public transport, in shops, public facilities (e.g. museums) and during leisure activities in enclosed rooms
  • in the inner rooms at a sauna or outdoor pool, for instance at the cash desk area, washing and changing facilities

Note: From 15th June nose and mouth protection will only apply for the following areas: On public transport, in health areas, including pharmacies and during services when a one metre distance cannot be maintained.


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