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A Universe in Movement.

Movement is a universal constant. Celestial bodies, sub atomic wave-particle and life forms of all types exist in motion. Movement is the language of the universe. To speak it is to learn to surrender to the forces of motion, to learn to speak our mother tongue. There is an intelligence in our bodies, that understands this language. It speaks in curves and circles. It pushes and pulls with gravity and it manifests in surprising and subtle connections and actions in the body. It is a language of balance and direction, where listening is as powerful as speaking.

“A Universe in motion” is two days of yoga workshops focused on approaching asana practices as a poetics of motion, harnessing and being carried away by our capacity for movement. We will utilise a hands on approach to tune into our bodies and learn to speak movement more fluently. The goal is a transformation in the quality of our asana practice, physically and spiritually. Vague ideas such as sensing and focusing energy directions will be translated into clear and concrete tools, using images, functional anatomy, clearly explained principles, hands on partnering work, various breathing techniques and a heart-full and systematic approach that engulfs the spiritual and the practical.

Workshop 1 - Freitag 13. März 2020 A moving practice/asanas in action: This workshop focuses on understanding the asanas as ways of directing energy through the body. In this workshop, we will learn to explore the vinyasa and asana practice with its own intrinsic logic and to understand not only what is happening physically in the asanas, but also what the asanas are doing to us. This is the core of how I approach my own asana practice, and

Workshop 2 - Samstag 14. März 2020 An articulate practice/unfolding the asana: The focus focus lies in using our asana practice to celebrate the healing power of complexity in movement. By exploring the movement complexity that exists, latent in each asana we can better understand how the asana fits our body and how we can use the asana practice to enrich our daily lives.

Workshop 3 - Samstag 14. März 2020 Expanding horizons/beyond Asana: This workshop focuses on sharing a plethora of amazing tools for moving more fully, more comfortably and more consciously. We will take the time to not only understand and play with these amazing tool, but also directly link them to your yoga practice and how they really can be exactly what you didn’t know you were missing.

Die Workshops können sowohl einzeln als auch als im Package gebucht werden. Einzelpreis € 39,-- pro Person Paketpreis für alle 3 Workshops: € 99,--



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Freitag, 15. Mai 2020 - Samstag, 16. Mai 2020


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