Schlager party Lara Bianca Fuchs

Hopfgarten im Brixental, Penningbergstraße 65

Schlagerabend_(c)Thomas Trinkl


to19:30 kl.

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The enchanting pop singer Lara Bianca Fuchs will entertain you this evening at the Wohlfühlhotel Leamwirt in Hopfgarten am Penningberg. On several studio albums she was able to show the Schlager industry and her fans what is hidden in the blonde power woman: a great voice and a lot of feeling! Many of Lara Bianca Fuchs' songs, such as "Herzbeben", "Austria", "Seelenverwandt", "Hypnotisiert" or "Sommerflirt" have long since established themselves and are not only an enrichment for the live programme but are also regularly presented on TV stations and radio shows. With original songs paired with classics that everyone knows and can sing along to, the Schlager Party at the Leamwirt is a real highlight. Another must for Schlager fans is the Lara Bianca Fuchs Schlager Festival with many guest artists, which takes place annually on the 1st Friday in July.

Meeting Place: Hotel Leamwirt, Penningbergstraße 65, 6361 Hopfgarten
Reservation: Hotel Leamwirt T: 0043 5335 2296
Cost with/without Kitzbüheler Alpen guest card: free

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